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Devyaniraje Gaekwad School is an English medium non-granted school. It Follows the CBSE syllabus. Founded in 2001, it adds one class each year, and will finally prepare students for C.B.S.E. public exams. Devyaniraje Gaekwad School treats each child as an important individual and caters to multiple intelligence, with the help of highly qualified and dedicated staff. The school will be responsible for those who enter its portals making them environmentally aware, committed to peace and justice, so that each child will be a good son / daughter; brother / sister; father / mother; and above all a good citizen.

Devyaniraje Gaekwad

Institution Head



Dhyanendra Narayan Bhanj deo


Message From Devyaniraje Gaekwad

  • " One test of the correctness of educational procedures is the happiness of the child" - Maria Montessori.
  • I am glad to welcome you and your children to yet another exciting and exhuberant scholastic year. Kindergarten is that first foundation for all future education in a child's life. It is also the foundation to the personality that a child will grow into in life. And therefore, these formative years have to be educative, enriching and exciting. Our pre-primary section, I must say, is equipped well to provide this experience to all our children. They will get to do stimulating and enriching activities. Parents, too, have an important role in the growth of their children when they spend their time here. And that will decide the child's love for learning, knowledge and school. Our curriculum is founded on extensive research and experience. We promote inquiry and experiential constructive learning, aesthetic and creative development, scientific and cultural experiences and a lot more.
  • Let's make the "Happiness of the child" a reality to our kindergarteners!

From The Principal's Desk

  • The kindergartener is comparable to the bud in the lotus pond. It is possible to pluck a lotus bud and spread its petals with fingers to force it to blossom. It is needless to mention that, that would damage the flower in every respect.
  • On the other hand, if the lotus bud is facilitated to blossom on its own, the result to be obtained from the flower, by way of colour, fragrance, appeal, lasting freshness and so on will be remarkably great. In the lotus pond of the kindergarten of Devyaniraje Gaekwad School, it is
  • endeavored to facilitate every bud to effloresce into a desirable lotus. We are fully aware that there is no teaching learning process from the point of view of dissemination of information in the kindergarten. The crux of the kindergarten simply involves nursing and facilitating learning, which is innate to the children. Yes, what we strive to achieve in our own way, in our kindergarten, is to streamline the natural instinct for learning by congenially facilitating it. To put it in a nut shell, we don't pride ourselves that we teach, but we endeavor to get self satisfaction by facilitating learning

Administratively Speaking

  • Teaching is a misnomer, but what is reality is facilitating learning. Formal schooling is just to catalyze the instinct for learning which is innate in each child. Obviously, this instinct for learning has different ramifications, in respect of each child. To put it differently, the reality is each child is unique in its style of learning and no two children have much in common as far as instinct for learning is concerned. The success of any teaching-learning system, is directly proportionate to how the teaching strategies and techniques yoke with the individual instinct for learning amidst the children. In other words, teaching simply involves tailoring teaching strategies and techniques to suit the individual needs of the children. This is precisely what Devyaniraje Gaekwad School lays stress on. Yes the average student is a misnomer and each student is an individual warranting customization of pedagogical techniques and strategies. Just as congenial physical conditions nurture the children to grow physically, we endeavor to nurture the children to grow mentally and emotionally through congenial educative experiences.

Our Vision

The locomotive of life needs the piston of practical wisdom and the governor of contemplative wisdom. The phalanx of Devyaniraje Gaekwad School envisages to facilitate youngsters entrusted to its care, evolve into self confident individuals with great concern for the rest of the world.

Our Mission

The music of education entails aligning of the rhythm of educative experience with the melody of instinct for learning. The purpose of Devyaniraje Gaekwad School is to so tailor educative experience as to impel the instinct for learning of individual learners.

  Latest School News

    -Notice 15-6-2023

  • As cyclone Biparjoy intensified into severe cyclonic storm, classroom teaching is suspended for the students tomorrow, Friday 16-6-2023. The students of Nursery to H.KG need not come to school. Dr. Tushar Bhonsle
  • -Notice 14-6-2023

  • As cyclone Biparjoy intensified into severe cyclonic storm, classroom teaching is suspended for the students tomorrow, Thursday 15-6-2023. The students of Nursery to H.KG need not come to school. Dr. Tushar Bhonsle

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